Savage Puzzles

Send A Prank Puzzle Gift To
Your Friends Anonymously

(PS. they’re a bit naughty…)

Send One To A Friend For Only $5


Give someone a surprise laugh in the post.

Savage Puzzles Package

“WTF?! I received this random puzzle in the mail and it tells me I have a cheese sandwich for a brain… I’m confused.” – Nick K. (recipient)

What is a Savage Puzzle?

Savage Puzzles are a gag gift that you send to your friends when you want to have a good laugh.

They come in a plain envelope and the puzzle is completely unassembled.

The package is completely anonymous too so they won’t even know who sent it (unless you tell them of course).

Since the puzzle comes unassembled, they’ll need to assemble it to see the message.

And it won’t be long before they start wondering “Who sent this?!” at which time you’ll already be ROFLing.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is this all about?

A: Here at Savage Puzzles, we think life can sometimes be a bit too serious. A Savage Puzzle is a unique anonymous gift you can send to friends with an awesome sense of humour for a bit of fun and laughter.

Q: Will they know who sent it?

A: Other than it saying “Savage Puzzles” on the package they will have NO IDEA who sent it. Unless you want to tell them of course 🙂

Q: What is included in the package?

A: The disassembled puzzle and a card inviting them to learn more about what they’ve just received. Nothing more.

Q: Can I choose what is on the design?

A: You can choose from 6 designs (some are seasonal). We rotate the designs from time to time.  Unfortunately we don’t customize them.

Q: How big are these puzzles?

A: Our Savage Puzzles are printed on thick card stock and are approximately 6 x 7 inches (15cm x 20cm) when assembled.

Q: Where do the puzzles come from?

A: We lovingly prepare and send them from our office in Brisbane, Australia. And no, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to turn them upside down to see them properly.

Q: How long does it take to arrive?

A: We have FREE shipping worldwide – it usually takes approx 10 business days anywhere in the world. Within Australia it takes 2-6 business days.

Q: Can I get this for my friend’s birthday?

A: Absolutely! Nothing makes a better gift than receiving an insulting and hilarious puzzle via the mail. Just be aware of the shipping times though!

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